My dear friend, God is a real miracle working God today. In this church we have seen the power of God setting people free from bondages. People who have been suffering from sickenesses and deaseses and infirmities were set free by Jesus after they were prayed for. People who were tormented by the enemy, being bound by evil spirits and powers of darkness have been delivered by Jesus. Nothing can limit God to perfom His miracles for anyone who is ready to believe in Jesus.

In this page you will read miracles which God did to many people being updated whenever miracles take place on people.

If you receive delivarance from any problem please don't hesitate to share your testimony with us so that we can together joyously celebrate and give God glory.You can send us your photograph and a few details of the problem you had before receiving your miracle, and the miracle you received. We shall publish your testimony in this page. Email your tesimony to info@cmftz.org

May God bless you.
Bishop Mgulu Kilimba


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