CMF is caring for the hurting and needy people including orphans and widows. This is not easy, for it must take a heartfull commitment and continual. CMF alone cannot handle this burden alone, but you can play your part in helping these desparate humans.



Adopt a Child Ministry

CMF currently runs six centres of orphans in different areas. Children in our churches and the community are part and parcel of the big family of Tanzanians. All children need and have the equal rights to quality life that adults enjoy; both physical and spiritual.

As children are grouped according to different categories, like children with disabilities, children without disabilities but living under extreme poverty, children living below quality life, uneducated children, etc, CMF decided to take the burden for the orphaned children living in Tanzania. The problem of orphans in the country is tremendous, as the government’s capacity and resources to attend to all orphans is quite small.

While caring about our loved children we would like to give you an opportunity to take part in liberating these children. You can adopt a child or else support CMF's current efforts to ensuring the future of the little ones, so that they will live longer, full of hope and prosperity.

Your moral and spiritual supports are important too. This ministry requires a fatherly heart. It is not too late for you to take part. Contact us for further information.

Wheelchair Ministry

Bishop Mgullu Killimba for many years up to now has been moved with a burden to help disabled people, these include the blind, the deaf, people with Trachoma, just to mention a few. In 2006 when he went to the USA, he worked together with Dr Markos Zemede to make sure that he secured a container with wheelchairs for the disabled people. Dr Markos managed to secure one container for the first time that had a total of about 550 chairs. The wheelchairs were distributed all over the country of Tanzania, i.e. the Mainland and the Islands.

Through wheelchair distribution project, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar offered a certificate of appreciation to the church of Christian Mission Fellowship, to acknowledge the work done by CMF through its church in Zanzibar. Bishop Mgullu supervised the successful distribution in more than six regions in Tanzania.

CMF welcomes kind support from all over the world for ministries like wheelchairs, blind sticks, sunglasses for albinos, orphaned children. Also child adoption is encouraged in terms of monthly supports. You may contact us through email.

In the year 2007 the church received about 1100 wheelchairs to distribute to different regions. The inauguration of the distribution will be held on 3 rd of December, 2007 on which the official International day for disabilities will be marked.

Join forces with people who have a vision for the lost.

Water Project Ministry

Christian Mission Fellowship is the church that cares in sharing the blessings from God with the local communities.

In Tanzania we have so many places that are in great need of clean and safe water. Many people have died or suffered badly due to consumption of unsafe water in the country of 40 million, where some of them have been infected by diseases such as bilharzias.

The availability of clean water to the community has always been our concern. CMF through donors launched a special water project whose primary aim would be conducting research and implementing projects in the areas of most serious need. So far CMF has already drilled a well in Mbogoi in Maasai area, the borehole water project is expected to help the maasai community to get clean water for their homes and herds of cows as well.

We care both spiritually and physically. We are here to partner with you to help millions of Tanzania who do not have access to clean water yet. In this case CMF joins hands with the efforts taken by the Government in bringing safe water to all.

Church Planting Ministry

Christian Mission Fellowship takes very seriously the issue of church planting as one of the main visions of Jesus Christ for His church in the world. Church planting is mainly focused in the areas where there are no churches and to reach the unreached groups of people here in Tanzania.

Our strategy is to train and mobilize people of this nation to take the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to plant churches among the most unreached people groups of Tanzania and to prepare them for world Evangelization.

This is simply to obey the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ; ?Go therefore and make disciples of all nation, baptizing them in the spirit? we are training local people to reach their own tribe because we believe this is the most effective way of reaching people of any nation, also encouraging local Church members to partner with us in sending this church planters the unreached people.

At the beginning of this new Millennium our goal is not only to reach the unreached people of Tanzania but also to saturate every person in Tanzania with Gospel and planting churches in every tribe group.

With the help of Dawn Ministries we have already accomplished a lot with them, especially in training and received encouragement from them. We have finished a church survey for the entire nation.

Horn of Africa Ministry

What is Horn of Africa?

Horn of Africa Mission (HOAM) is a Ministry that was started in 2000 to be a catalyst in seeing a generation of ?True Worshipers? in the Horn of Africa where half of the population is Muslim and the majority of the other half has a tradition of Christianity without a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

HOAM facilitates CMF especially in church planting activities undertaken by CMF here in Tanzania. Since we took the decision to join hands with HOAM, we have been working very closely together. The main reason behind our partnership is to fulfill the joint vision where HOAM?s mission statement. /?Horn of Africa Mission exists to establish viable, reproducible and culturally relevant churches in order to see Jesus Christ worshiped in every language and people group of the Horn of Africa and beyond.? /

Together with City Team ministries and Crossroad Bible Church we are working as a team to accomplish our mission.

So far several churches have been planted in the island of Zanzibar where its citizens are 90%+ Moslems and the Coast region of Tanzania mainland.

Short Term Missionaries Ministry

Christian Mission Fellowship (Tanzania) is a ministry that loves to fellowship with other church denominations locally and around the world for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God as our common vision. That is why over the past years CMF has been inviting christian ministers from different countries to come to Tanzania on specific missions for that purpose.

International speakers of the word of God have come to Tanzania and ministered to different conferences, mass crusades, etc. These servants of God also were able to minister with local ministers during their tours.

Apart from these international speakers who just came for a short time, CMF is partner friend with missionaries from other countries who come to join CMF in ministering in missionary fields to preach the gospel and plant churches. These missionaries can stay with us on a short term or long term basis depending on their missionary's plans. CMF welcomes any volunteering individual or organisation that is interested to join forces with us so that we can together reach out the lost people of this country.

Other areas of missionary interests are children ministry, training ministers, music ministry, etc. Interested missionaries can also involve themselves in proffessional areas like healthcare, teaching, information technology, printing and publishing, etc. for the purpose of bulding the Kingdom of God.

If you feel you are interested in one area or another please email us by following this address:


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